Exploring the History and Origins of Online Gaming

Exploring the History and Origins of Online Gaming

While the modern, massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMOG) game World of Warcraft is a graphical, high-end processing power game that requires a PC or console, it has its roots in some of the very earliest computer networks. As computer systems started to expand in the 1970s and 1980s, electronic gaming took off. Players dialed via modem into bulletin-board systems, and later on online services like CompuServ to play games. Some of these early games had multiplayer components, and as a result the first online gaming communities developed.Find out: ufa365.limited

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These communities were formed around specific interests – such as the love of playing games – that real-world acquaintances might not share. They also provided a sense of camaraderie that gave players something to do and talk about outside their gameplay. And as gaming became more social, and players formed guilds or teams in their games, developers began to see the potential of monetizing these communities with items that could be purchased in-game and used to increase player’s skills, equipment, and power.

The first online gaming experiences were text-based and accessed via modems, and eventually over hard wired terminals connected to ARPANET – which is considered the precursor of the Internet. As online gaming developed, it became a more complex experience with higher graphics and multiplayer capabilities. Today, online gaming is part of our digital culture and is estimated to generate over $196 billion in revenue worldwide.

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