Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repair is a common concern for owners of commercial and industrial buildings with flat roofs. Often times, when a flat roof needs to be repaired it is due to the membrane being damaged. This type of damage can be caused by UV radiation, foot traffic or even a simple lack of maintenance and regular cleaning. When the membrane is damaged it can lead to water penetration, which will cause mold and mildew to form inside the building. Eventually the problem can become so severe that a complete roof replacement will be required.

The best way to prevent these types of issues from happening is to ensure that your flat roof is properly maintained and regularly inspected by a professional. They will be able to tell you if you need repairs, or if your roof is at the end of its lifespan and needs replacing.

Essential Steps for Effective Flat Roof Repair

If your roof is currently leaking, it is important to locate the source of the leak. You can then decide whether to repair the area or replace it altogether. The first step is to check for any debris that may be obstructing your work and then make sure the roof surface is dry. You should also inspect for any holes or punctures in the membrane.

In some cases, a simple patch can be enough to fix the problem. If there are many patches on the flat roof, it is often a good sign that it is time to replace it with a new roof.

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