How Online Games Can Develop Skills

Online games allow you to connect with people from all over the world instantly through real-time play. Often these games require a user to register or make in-game purchases, and can be addictive. People who spend too much time playing these games can become withdrawn or depressed. They may also start spending money on virtual pursuits, which can lead to financial difficulties in real life.Source

Games can develop the following skills:

– Improves memory & brain speed – Many online games require you to remember items or solve puzzles while you’re fighting off opponents, requiring a high level of concentration and fast reactions. These skills are vital for completing tasks in the real world and can be beneficial to children and adults alike.

Builds Multiplayer Teamwork Skills – Whether you’re battling friends in the multiplayer version of Super Smash Bros or working on your strategy in a roleplaying game, playing online games is a great way to improve teamwork. This is because multi-player games can challenge players to think strategically, communicate effectively, and work together if they want to win.

Promotes Language – Depending on the genre of the game, online games can help you learn new languages. For example, Helsinki University found that some online games that use on-screen instructions or chats in a foreign language are useful for learning a new language. Similarly, Monterrey Institute of Technology published an article that found that online games can be used to teach players vocabulary and pronunciation.

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